Angel therapy teaches you how to bring the love and joy of angels into your daily life. Discover ways of connecting and working with your angels, they can assist us in so many ways, they can help to heal us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level bringing inspiration and guidance, solve problems, provide protection, improve relationships and generally make life a whole lot easier, all we have to do is ASK.

Everyone one of us is able to experience the joy of angels, you do not have to even actually have to "see" angels to experience them, we are never alone and if we take a moment we can actually feel their presence enfolding and guiding us, bringing comfort, wisdom and healing. Angels take on a particular form for our benefit that is comfortable and safe for us.

Who are the angels?

The word "angel" is derived from the Greek work Angelos meaning "messenger". Angels can be thought of as "divine messages" or messengers from God, he created these wondrous beings to guide, protect and inspire us. Their purpose is to serve us and to encourage us to grow and expand our consciousness.

Angels exist on a different vibrational frequency which is why we are unable to perceive them ordinarily. The angelic rate of vibrational frequency is more etherealized than that of current humanity, as our own frequencies start to shift we become able to perceive the etheric realms more easily and clearly.

Angels can appear to each of us differently in ways that are personal to each individual, some people sense angles others will hear them or encounter them in their dreams, some have visions. Angels are all around us, watching over us and we can call upon them at any time.

Do not wait for a time of crisis or sorrow before invoking them, invite them to become part of your everyday life now, they are eagerly waiting to be called to service

Angels are genderless beings since they possess both male and female qualities, one person may perceive a particular angel or archangel as female, whereas another individual will see the same angel or archangel as male. They are actually androgynous beings with their masculine and feminine aspects in perfect balance.

We all have our own Guardian angel who journeys with us throughout all of our lifetimes – they love us unconditionally and knows us inside out.

We all have 2 Guardian angels, the one is the more compassionate one and the other one is the one that drives us to take risks in life and live life to the full.

How to Meet Your Guardian Angel

Angels are beings of pure spirit and energy that have a higher level of consciousness.

It therefore makes sense that your angel can be near you at all times without you sensing its presence in your day-to-day life.

You have accepted your limited sense as the norm of your existence. But you can change your expectations so that you can bridge the gap between you and your angel.

With effort you can sense and accomplish things that some would call miracles.

The key is to expand your awareness, both of what is around you and what is within you. By using effective visualization techniques, meditations, mental exercises, and prayers, you can see and communicate with your Guardian Angel.

Just because you cannot immediately perceive something does not mean it is not real. Your mind "tunes out" many things around you all the time, but if you really pay attention, you'll be amazed by what you are missing.

One of the keys to connecting with your angel is to increase your ability to perceive. If you are not listening for something, you won't hear it, but if you concentrate with real focus on your senses, it is remarkable what you will pick up.

In this way, you can signal your angel that you are ready and willing to communicate, that you are reaching toward its higher level of perception and awareness. Your angel is waiting for such a signal.

Meeting your Guardian Angel is a magnificent experience; an experience that will take you to a higher level of spiritual awareness.

When you meet your Guardian Angel you will feel the love and light that only an angel can give. You will know in your heart that your Guardian Angel has always been with you waiting for this moment.

Yes, waiting for this moment when you reach out to meet your GA.

Things you'll need:

  • A quiet place
  • An open heart and mind
Your angel is always beside you. All it takes is a shift in perception to reveal it.

Preparing to Communicate With Your Guardian Angel

Before you begin to communicate with your Guardian Angel, you must prepare yourself by opening your senses and your mind. It generally requires both mental and emotional preparation before you are ready to meet and form a lasting relationship with your angel.

Mental preparation is perhaps the most important task. Before you can deal with something or communicate with it, you have to accept that it exists.

How many times have you walked past a new picture on the wall or a book out of place on a shelf and not seen it? You missed seeing it because your mind did not expect to see it! I often lose my keys.

Sometimes they are right in front of me, but if they are out of place I often just don't "see" I can't see them because I don't expect to see them there.

What does this have to do with your angel?

You need to realize that your angel can be next to you without you always being aware of it. All it takes is a simple shift in perception to reveal this divine being to you! It's not that your angel appears or disappears; it is simply that you change your viewpoint.

The first step in preparing yourself to meet your Guardian Angel is to change your expectations—change what you think you will experience. Cultivate a belief that your angel exists and that you will meet, if you simply shift your perceptions.

When you do, you'll be halfway down the path to connecting with your Guardian Angel

Tips to meet your Guardian Angel

Find a quiet spot in your home, an area where you will not be disturbed, and an area where you are comfortable and where you can clear your mind. Relax; clear your mind of all of your earthly cares and concerns.

Before you begin, speak to Spirit, speak from your heart; tell Spirit that you wish to meet your Guardian Angel and that you ask that it happen under grace and in the perfect way. Now you are ready to begin

Meeting your Guardian Angel meditation:

Picture your body being filled with a beautiful warm heavenly white light. This light begins at your toes and slowly fills your entire being until it reaches the top of your head. The light continues to the top of your head and connects to the heavens. You are totally relaxed as heavenly love fills your body from head to toe and connects you to spirit.

You have left all of your earthly cares and concerns behind and you feel the love of God's angels surround you. Now, imagine yourself walking along a beautiful sandy beach. There is a gentle ocean breeze filling the air. You can smell the fresh scent of the ocean and you can hear the waves breaking softly upon the shore.

You begin to walk slowly up the beach until you see a beautiful white cottage. As you walk towards the cottage you feel the love of God's angels filling your heart and your soul. You have never felt such extreme heavenly love. You know that when you open the door to this beautiful white cottage that your Guardian Angel will be waiting for you. Your angel has been waiting for this moment.

Slowly you move closer to the white cottage, as you walk up the steps to the cottage you feel excited and elated at the expectation of meeting your Guardian Angel. You open the door to the cottage and your angel is waiting for you. At first no words are spoken. All you feel is this extreme sense of knowing. Then your angel speaks to you. This conversation will be different for each and every one of you. You have met your Guardian Angel. This is the angel who has been with you since birth; she is here to help and guide you on your spiritual journey. You know now that you are not alone. Your angel will love and guide you. All you have to do is ask for her help.

After you have finished speaking with your Guardian Angel you thank your Guardian Angel for meeting you and you thank Spirit for guiding you. You leave the white cottage and return to the sandy beach. As you walk down the sandy shore you are filled with excitement knowing that you have met your angel. You are now back home and once again you thank Spirit for this magnificent experience.

The Archangels

These powerful beings of light respond to our calls at the moment we ask for their assistance. Remember constantly to invite the archangels as well as the angels into your daily lives. God created them all to serve us.

Each Archangel has a particular function to fulfill and it is useful to be aware of the main purpose of each archangel so that we know which one to call upon whenever you need assistance. You can summon the archangels to help others as well as yourself.

Introducing you to the 7 mighty Archangels , there are many more, all angels and archangels are awaiting invocation, let your intuition lead you towards the ones whom you need to guide you along your spiritual path, I strongly suggest that you make use of these wondrous beings.

Your life will never be the same again.

The Archangels – The healing power and purpose:

Archangel Michael

Meaning: He who is like God
Purpose: Call upon for protection, removes doubt, fear and nervousness
Clears energy in self and space (home / office)
 Gives courage to make life changes
Aura Colour: Royal purple / Blue
Crystal: Sugalite

Archangel Gabriel

Meaning: Messenger of God
Purpose: Helps mothers with childbirth & conception
Assists with creative arts and craft projects
Helps with communication written or spoken
Aura Colour: Copper
Crystal: Citrine

Archangel Uriel

Meaning: God is Light
Purpose: Heals emotions of unforgiveness, anger and resentment
Helps with new ideas inspiration and guidance
Aura Colour: Pale Golden Yellow
Crystal: Amber

Archangel Raphael

Meaning: He who heals – The Healer
Purpose: Heals physical illnesses in humans and animals.
Helps healers and would be healers
Protects when travelling or on a journey
Aura Colour: Emerald Green
Crystal: Malachite

Archangel Chamuel

Meaning: He who sees God
Purpose: Helps find lost objects, people, and suitable careers
Brings global and personal peace
Helps keep you centered and calm
Helps to bring romance into your life
Aura Colour: Pale Green
Crystal: Green Fluorite

Archangel Jophiel

Meaning: Angel of beauty
Purpose: Heals chaos and negativity
Helps you see the beauty in everyone & everything
Will help give you time to enjoy life’s miracles
Aura Colour: Dark Pink
Crystal: Pink Rubellite or Pink Tourmaline

Archangel Zadkiel

Meaning: Righteousness of God / Mercy of God
Purpose: Helps us to remember or memorize information
Passes on any spiritual information or knowledge needed.
Aura Colour: Dark Indigo Blue
Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

Sensing the presence of Angels:

The Angelic realms have many ways of making their presence know to us

Angel's exits on a different vibrational frequency as I have mentioned before, therefore some of us are unable to see them but can at least feel their presence.

Knowing the Presence of Angels

The temperature in the room may change – you feel a rush of warm air or a warm glow surrounding you. You may get goose pimples or a tingling at the back of your neck or head.

A mystical fragrance may appear out of nowhere.

Different coloured lights may appear, you may see shafts of light shooting across the room or glimpses of sparks of light or notice shadows – do not be afraid you will not see an angel appearing until you are ready to and angels have no desire to alarm you.

You may hear angelic voices communicating to you like a voice in your ear – this is called clairaudience. If the voice is muffled or a whisper ask you angel to speak louder.

Clairsentient's will experience sensations in their body, feeling an overwhelming sense of love and compassion, even bringing tears to your eyes without being able to explain why.

White feathers may appear in unusual places, this is a sign that your angels are with you and are ready to answer your prayers.

Angels appear to us in our dreams with solutions to our problems, waking up more positive and knowing what direction to take.

Feeling of someone in the room with you or someone has just brushed passed you, a feeling of a hand on your shoulder or standing behind you.

Sometimes angels make their presence very knows by a book falling off the shelf in a bookstore.

This is the Angels at work trust in them and you will receive more and more signs.

Remember to always thank your angels.

Angel signs


Clouds are heavenly bodies of moisture, hovering above us like protective angels as they float around our world. Angels love to use these natural wonders to show us signs because they can be shaped in any fashion and are spectacular to look at. Clouds are one of the most common ways that we receive "I love you" messages from Heaven. The angels' clouds are physical signs that they're with us around the clock.


Feathers, said to be the ultimate angelic sign, Although feathers come in all different sizes and colors, they're amazing signs because they're directly connected with the thought, prayer, or question that you had in mind. Rarely will you find one left by the angels without knowing what it means. Either you'll come across it while thinking about something or you'll immediately sense the association upon finding it. The angels will bring you feathers and other signs in a way tailor-made to your own level of faith.


The angels often send their messages through the sound and power of music. It seems that almost everywhere we go, silence is replaced with music in one form or another. Pay attention, as recurring songs (or a series of songs sharing a theme) are almost always a sign from above. In addition to offering a connection to Heaven, music delivers very direct messages and signs. For instance, the title or lyrics of a song that you hear repetitively offers a chance to receive specific guidance from your angels.

Coins or currency

Coins or currently in general, are often used by the angels to show us messages or give us guidance. All aspects of this type of sign have specific relevance to you and your path, including the time and place you find the coin, its denominations, the message written on it, and the material it's made. The next time you find a coin on the ground, know that it was purposely placed in your path. The gift of a coin helps us feel supported--financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


Since the time of Noah's ark, rainbows have been symbolic of God's promise of love, care, support, and protection. When you ask the angels for a sign and you see a rainbow, it signals that your entire situation is being taken care of by them. Albino rainbows, double rainbows, and moonbows (rainbows appearing at night under the moonlight) are all so unusual that they leave no doubt as to their significance. Rainbows are not only signs, but also gifts of encouragement and guidance from the other side.

Angel voices

When there's an impending emergency or an excess of personal stress, the only way that the angels can ensure you'll hear them is through direct verbal communication. And if the angels talk, there's no doubt as to their message and meaning, and you should definitely listen. Hearing your name called by a disembodied voice is actually a common experience. This happens to most people as they're awakening from sleep, since that's when we're most open to hearing the angels. The voice of God and the angels is that of love and wisdom. When they speak up, it's loud, clear, and unmistakable.

My favorite Numbers

Numbers are often the most interesting--and sometimes, puzzling--signs to receive from the angels. Sequences appear in recurring patterns, and if you don't know what you're looking at, it can feel as if someone or something is out to confuse you. Numbers signs come from all over. When you see repeating numbers in your life, ask your angels what they mean or look them up in the book .

Angel Numbers 101

Steps to Receiving Signs from Above

1. Ask.

It's best not to specify what type you want to appear. Instead, just notice the repetitive patterns that occur after you put in your request.

2. Have Faith.

Trust that the angels are with you, and have faith in the signs that they send.

3. Trust in Divine Timing.

Every prayer is heard and answered, but sometimes the fulfillment seems delayed as the angels work behind the scenes to orchestrate the details.

4. Notice the Signs.

The angels are happy to keep repeating signs until you notice them. Even if you don't grasp the meaning of one, noticing it is important. It's a good idea to ask the angels to explain what it means, in addition to trusting your gut feelings and ideas about its significance.

5. Take Action When Guided.

Signs from above often give you messages about actions you can take to bring about the answer to your prayers.

When in Doubt, Ask for a Sign

Ever wonder where your guardian angel is or if you even have one? Try making an unusual request!

Guardian angels work very closely with human beings. Each of us has a guardian angel and they do their very best to help us. They work hard to warn us of dangers and show us the best way forward and reflect the voice of our hearts.

Unfortunately, we don't always listen or notice. It takes time and patience to really listen and often it then takes great courage and trust to follow what we hear, see or feel. Trust is something that we have to build between the angels and ourselves. When we first make contact with our guardian angel it is a joyous moment, but after a while, unless we make the effort to stay in contact we can begin to doubt what we feel and ourselves.

Often I meet people who say something like "I'm told that I have a guardian angel called Geselle and she watches over me all the time!" That is fine if we choose to do nothing about it, and just bask in that knowledge, but if we apply ourselves a little more, we can have a much more rewarding relationship with our guardian angel.

Guardian angels are there to help us to live our lives in a better manner and solve problems. They help and support us through troubled times. In fact, they often keep trouble away from us. When we learn to read the signs they offer, then we can avoid problem situations. I have been guided to shops that I never knew existed and shown books I needed to read. I have also been warned not to take a certain route when driving and so avoided a bad accident.

They can also reassure you when you begin to doubt yourself. A few years ago, I began to doubt that I was doing the right thing. So I asked for a sign to show me if I was on the right path.

Asking the angels for help is important. As soon as you ask you set up a line of contact which enables them to come closer to you and help you. This is really very important; ask, ask, ask! Your guardian angel is your first port of call; he or she is waiting for contact and waiting for the chance to help you.

Invoking your Angels:

Although there are certain angels assigned to certain tasks, it's not necessary to know them by name, a simple call "Angels" is sufficient and the correct angel will be sent to you.

The angels are awaiting your call and will not usually intervene in your life unless you request there assistance. They respect our free will and only in extreme emergencies (life or death) will they appear without being asked.

Please note that invoking angels or archangels your request must be:


Not harmful or hurtful to others

They cannot interfere with your karma, there are certain lessons that the soul needs to learn if progress is to be made in this lifetime Speak aloud to your angels,

Mentally ask your angels for assistance – just think to yourself "Angels please help me" if you are in an awkward place and cannot talk aloud. Visualize your Angels

Visualize your angels in whatever form you desire they are able to take on any form, perhaps you see your angel as a brilliant ray of light or as a being with beautiful wings that enfold and protect you.

Dream with your angels:

Call the angels into your dreams – say Angles pleas work with me in my dream state tonight, help me to find which direction I should take… Angel Cards:

Angels in your everyday life.

Once you start connecting with your angels, you will "see" and "feel" them everywhere, you will realize that they are always with you, Angels do not only connect with us in our sacred space, they are with us every moment of the day guiding and protecting us all the time.

Do not wait for an emergency situation before invoking your angels, no job is ever too big or too small for the angels, use them in your everyday life.

The Angels of Protection.

night ask these angels to surround your home with their loving energy of protection, they will create a force field that will effectively repel any undesirable attention.

If you are in an unfamiliar or unsafe environment or have parked your car in an unsafe environment call upon the angels of protection to surround you and protect it, if you run out of fuel ask for angelic protection to be rescued quickly.

As your children go off to school in the morning, visualize the angels of protection guarding them and helping them, send angels to help your family feel safe and protected.

If you are travelling call upon the angels to protect your car and its occupants. When you are flying surround the aircraft with hosts of angels.

The finding Angels

Ask for help when you have a lost item, how many times have you lost your keys and felt stressed out, simply ask your angels, "please help me find_______. You may hear a voice in your head telling you where to look, or have a vision of where the missing object is.

If you do not receive an instant reply, - ask your angels where it is just before going to sleep, when you wake up in the morning you may have a flash of inspiration where to find the item.

If you lose a possession for instance a purse or a wallet, ask Archangel Michael to watch over it, next ask the finding angels to help you remember where you lost it, once you have located your belongings you should find everything intact.

The Parking Angels

d a parking space try invoking an angel of parking and ask you angel where you would like a parking and you will easily find a space with the assistance of your parking angels, the results are amazing.

The Shopping angels

Ask the angels to accompany you when you go shopping you will notice a remarkable difference, saving time, energy and money.

The Angels of direction

Simply ask the angels to direct you to your destination, they work in many different ways, sometimes you will find yourself divinely guided and other times directed to pull over to the side of the road and someone will appear giving you directions when you look back they have simply disappeared into thin air. Remember angels can adopt a tempory human form if and when necessary.

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