Equine Reiki

All horses & Ponies will find some benefit from Equine Reiki.

Horses like all animals are very sensitive and intuitive, therefore they are very receptive and can feel the Reiki energy. Horses will only take as much energy as they need and they will move away from the energy once they have received enough which is why it cannot be said how long a session on a horse will last as they are all different and all need different levels of energy to re charge their system.

The advantage of Reiki is that it is a non invasive form of healing, the hands of the practitioner may be gently laid on to the horses body or if the horse prefers not to be touched directly the hands may be held a few inches above the horses physical body in the Aura. Both ways allows the channeling of Reiki energy to flow to the areas of the horse that is in most need of it.

Reiki is a powerful and natural way of getting your horses own body working to self heal.

Reiki's natural energy has a way of helping the horses own healing system to heal any problems which can be emotional or physical. Reiki on the physical body can help wounds to heal more quickly, speed up the recovery process from an operation and also act as a pain relief while the horse recovers from back pain, muscle strains or even disease.

As previously mentioned, Reiki works on the emotional side of the horse as well as the physical body which has great benefits for any horse that maybe suffering from stress, anxiety, or even depression. It can also help a horse come to terms with any trauma from the past that may be deep rooted and may be hard for the horse to come to terms with.

Please Note: Equine Reiki Healing is never a substitute for veterinary advice or care. If your horse is showing any signs of illness, injury or distress please contact your Vet in the first instance.

If distance healing is not an option, I will visit your horse in his own environment so that it reduces any stress which may be brought on from travel. I ask that the owner be present to complete a questionnaire, also a general background of the horse will be discussed.

The owner is asked to be present during the session again to help make it as stress free as possible for the horse. The environment must be free from distraction during the session. Once the horse is settled I will start the treatment by scanning the horses energy points. The Reiki energy will then be directed to the horse and will travel to where it is most needed by the animal at that particular point in time. If the horses first reaction is to move away from the energy this is fine and is quite normal as animals are very sensitive to the change in energy but adapt to the feeling of the flow very quickly.

Please be aware that animals have the choice to accept or decline the healing. Every animal is different and in certain circumstances the animal may reject the healing on the first or first few occasions. If this happens, the session must and will be stopped. Reiki cannot be forced upon an animal who doesn't wish to receive it.

One of the most common reactions to Reiki in horses is that they become so relaxed that they may fall asleep. Do not be alarmed as it is very normal for some horses to fall asleep because the energy from Reiki is so gentle, peaceful and calming and horses being very sensitive feel the energy instantly.

Equine Reiki works alongside prescribed medication as a complimentary therapy. It IS NOT meant to be used as a substitute for Veterinarian Care. If you feel your horse has something seriously wrong, ALWAYS consult your vet immediately.

As with humans horses and animals are all individual and may experience different sensations during a session. Some of the more common sensation that may be experienced are listed below.


Heat in a part of the body or throughout all of the body.


Intermittent temperature changes.
Sudden muscle movements


Drifting, sleepiness.

Chakra points on a horse

Reiki is given to horses whilst they are standing preferably in their stable or place that they feel safe.

As previously explained, horses become deeply relaxed and can take several minutes to recover from their sleep after the Reiki session has ended. The Reiki energy however can still carry on working within the horse for days after the initial session. This is more likely to happen in horses that have trauma that is deep rooted and harder to release. It is because of this, that we suggest your horse should not be ridden after a session and instead should be allowed to relax on the day that they have been given the healing.

Again as previously mentioned after your horse or pony has received the Reiki treatment, your horse or pony will need to relax.

I would suggest that you stay with your horse/pony for at least one hour after the session has ended and you should under no circumstances ride him as he will be sleepy.

Make sure that there is sufficient water for your horse after the session as your horses body will start to detox itself and the process will be helped by him drinking more than usual. You may also notice an increase in toilet behavior with more passing of stools and wind during this process. Please do not be alarmed as this is just the body getting rid of excess waste and is quite normal.

An Equine Reiki Treatment can help your Horse or Pony in cases of injury, illness or just as a pure tonic and wellbeing but listed below are some suggestions of illnesses on the emotional level and the physical level of the horse

Grief (emotional)

Change of home/owner (emotional)

Previous ill treatment (no matter how long ago) (emotional)

Emotional/behavioral problems (emotional)

Depression (emotional)

Injuries and accidents (physical)

After surgery (physical & emotional)

Pain relief (physical)

Inflammation (physical)

Tumors (physical)

Liver problems (physical)

General illness (emotional & physical)

Pregnancy (physical)

Problems in foals (physical & emotional)

Old age (physical & emotional)

Terminal illness (physical & emotional)

Arthritis (physical)

Shock (emotional & physical)

Headaches (physical & emotional)

Low immune system (physical)

An initial yard visit is R300.00 per single horse.

A follow up visit if required is R280.00.

I will offer discounts for more than one horse if booked at the same time.

If you feel you would like more sessions, then a block booking qualifies for reduced rates.

You are under no pressure to book further visits this is left to your own discretion and how you feel your horse is improving.

The price quoted is in inclusive of travel within a radius of 35km .

Travel expenses will apply to outside areas.

Any questions or for more information on block bookings please contact me.

A Distant Reiki treatment is also available at a cost of R150.00.

If I am not located in your area or a yard visit is not practical for you due to circumstances then a distant treatment is probably the answer.

Reiki can be sent over distance and time and works just as effectively as a hands on session.

For more details please contact me.

Sheryl Walton
Tel 083 229 7307

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