Feedback from Clients:

I feel that the treatment has helped me on emotional level. After the first treatment I started to become more assertive (I had a reputation of saying yes even when I wanted to say no). Generally I felt more relaxed and at ease with life in general. I felt relieved from the memories of certain painful experiences of the past. I have learned to love myself. I do not indulge in any negative thoughts or emotions any more.

I feel more at peace with life in general. It feels as if I am more in contact with my spirit guide(s). Whenever I stumbled upon problems in day to day life I would in the past criticize myself. Now I hear a voice in my head that reassures me to accept myself the way I am.

Elsje du Plessis - PTA

I’ve had a lot of positive changes and shifts in mood and well being.

I have been using the white spray every morning followed by the violet spray and I feel a lot more secure and have more clarity on things I also feel a lot more peaceful and I have actively started reading my spiritual books and prayers and I have been writing affirmations every day.

The violet spray makes me feel very safe and protected and helping me to heal, I don’t feel so angry or helpless anymore, I also feel much more connected to spirit and I am getting answers to my prayers !!!

I also found a course that I want to study, it is like an answer to my prayers and life purpose because I have always had a dream to help others and open up a healing sanctuary one day but have not known how to get started. with patience I can look at changing my whole career and do something that interests me.

Samantha Joyce - Illovo JHB

From our first sessions it was obvious that I still had a lot of hurt towards my ex husband. Even though I have been divorced for three years, I still dreamt about him at least 3 times a week. Your soul massaging made me realize that even though I though I had forgiven him and myself, I obviously was still hanging onto the hurt. I could remember individual events with him that hurt me so much at the time. This was great because I could actually go back and this time truly forgive him and myself. I have not dreamt of him once since our first session together.

Belinda Janse van Rensburg - Fourways JHB

Although I'm open to the new, I have to be honest I felt a bit cynical about Antaneea and how it worked.

However, looking back now over the last 8 months I can see what a huge impact it has had in my life. My Life was stagnant and dying a slow death - I really was in a bad space when I first started. Slowly but surely after starting Antaneea, and using the Colour Oils, my Life - and view on Life - started changing. The lessons weren't always easy, but now 8 months later my Life has improved considerably - probably because my attitude changed. It helped me to let go of so many hurts from my past, my childhood, my relationships. As I progressed through the different oils and sprays, so - somehow - the issues I had been dealing with fell into place. Healing yourself is a process - and Antaneea, as well as the Colour Oils, helped me to do this a lot quicker than I could've done on my own. There's no trying - it just happens.

I can really recommend this treatment, as well as the Oils. I have seen amazing results in my own Life.

Christine - JHB

I had been experiencing difficulties with understanding my religion and spirituality, and I was struggling to connect to the Divine as well as understanding my beliefs. With all the frustration I had been experiencing, I felt like I just couldn’t HEAR the Divine voice anymore, and at times, it felt as if they were speaking too fast or I just couldn’t quite decipher what had been said. I couldn’t believe how after the Antaneea massage and using the oils for one week, my thoughts and perceptions became clearer and sharper. I started to understand and decipher my Divine thoughts more accurately. I became more aware of my spiritual beliefs and ‘desires’ for my future. Using the oil became a constant reminder that I wanted to work on my spiritual beliefs and aspirations.

Marilize - Benoni

For me personally it has been a special experience. At the time before our first meeting, I was looking for “something” to help me through a difficult period in my life and to help me focus on what I want for the future. Antaneea helped me do that, by listening and concentrating on the message the cards gave, using the oils (which I still do) and re-visiting certain happenings and fears of the past, I am now able to look towards the future with more clarity and hope.

Thank you Sheryl for making me feel at ease every time. I will most definitely recommend your treatment.

Hendrien - Sandton




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